Failure is Feedback in Disguise.

Failure is an emotional word, feedback is a constructive word.

People typically think of failure as an emotional end but if it is anything, it’s simply feedback to end that test or move in a different direction, or to try another way.

Think about a child learning to walk. Of course they fall down over and over. But guess what, have you ever met a person in a wheelchair that said, “I’m stuck in this chair because I quit trying to walk?” No and you won’t. If you want to get something you want fast, then fail faster. It often takes unsuccessful test after unsuccessful test to land on the thing or technique that finally works. All the way along though, you learn what doesn’t work. Thomas Edison said after the famed 10,000 failures while trying to invest the lightbulb, “I finally ran out of things that didn’t work.” During those “failures” he learned lots of other things that would later help him be successful in new endeavors.

So your takeaways are, failure is simply feedback in an emotional disguise and if you want something and want it sooner than later, fail faster. For then, you’ll end up with what you want and better for it.

Mike McElroy
Kid Business Mentor