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Transcript from video: Here’s some business ideas that are easy for kids. Did you know that setting up garage sales are kind of a problem and kind of a pain for people to do. Well if you see neighbors that look like they’re rearranging their garage and things like that you might pop in and say, “Hey do you need some help setting up your garage sale.” What do you have to do to make a garage sale? Okay let’s make a little list. You have to make some great big signs you have to get all the stuff together and organized. You might even want to recruit the neighbors. You could say, “Hey I’ll go out and tell all the neighbors on the block that you’re going to have a garage sale and see if they want to contribute some things.” If that would be interesting to you then you have them give you money for the supplies for the arts and crafts so you make great big signs and when you make garage sale signs. They need to be big. Not just a little thin line then people can’t tell where it is they need to be. Use bright colors and you need to get one of those big big fat markers and put up the sign in a strategic location so you can see when you’re driving by a fifty miles an hour on the street. Garage sale signs need to be big. You can also run free ads online for garage sales too so you can look for that so you want to have a complete solution for garage sales when you talk to somebody. Go over the day before and help them get all their stuff organized. In the morning when you have to get up really early all you have to do is move it from the garage right outside to the street. Then you can take your bike or have your parents drive you and go post the signs on the street corner so it’s easy for people to find their way to the house. Garage sales can be a great way for you to make some money. If you stay and work the garage sale you might even be able to say, “Hey I’ll help you sell all the stuff and I’ll do all this could you pay me just 10% maybe even 20%.” Most people aren’t doing garage sales to make money they’re doing it just to get rid of their stuff. So if you offer a service like that and you get to make a little bit of the money that comes in that could be a great day. Most garage sales make several hundred dollars so for working all morning on a Saturday and making a few signs and things like that you could make 40 – 50 or more.  So that’s an awesome way to make some money.