The Young Entrepreneur

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Rose woke up with a smile on her face.

It was Saturday morning and sunshine filled her bedroom.

She rushed to put on her boots and went downstairs.

Seeing her dad mowing the lawn, Rose walked over to the hose and filled up her watering can.

She loved to water the colorful flowers in their front yard.

There were white tulips, yellow daisies, purple bellflowers, and her favorite, red roses.

Watching Rose water the flowers, Mrs. Parker, a neighbor, walked over to their yard.

“Your flowers are beautiful. What’s your secret to their bloom?” she asked.

Rose’s dad smiled, “It’s my little Rose.”

“Rose, would you like to water my flowers too?” Mrs. Parker asked.

Rose’s face lit up with excitement, “Yes! When can I start?”

Mrs. Parker laughed, “Today and I’ll give you a dollar when you’re done.”

The next Saturday, Rose watered Mrs. Parker’s flowers again and received another dollar.

Rose felt proud earning her own money doing what she loved to do.

Walking home, she noticed how the flowers at Mrs. Brown’s house, 

across the street, looked droopy and dry.

Rose had an idea!

Different businesses

Rose asked her dad, “Can I ask Mrs. Brown if she will pay me to water her flowers too?”

Her dad replied, “Yes! That’s my young entrepreneur.”

Rose was confused. “What’s an entrepreneur?” she asked.

“Someone who starts a business like a car wash, a candy store, or even a flower watering service,” her dad said.

Rose talks to Mrs. Brown

Rose, along with her dad, went over to Mrs. Brown’s house and rang the doorbell.

A woman holding a baby opened the door.

“Hello Mrs. Brown, I started a business. Would you like me 

to water your flowers every Saturday for one dollar?” asked Rose.

Mrs. Brown smiled, “I would love that Rose. I have been so busy lately that I forget to water them.”

That night at the dinner table, Rose’s dad was overjoyed at what his daughter accomplished so quickly.

“Rose, you could market your flower watering service to more neighbors on our street,” her dad said.

“What does it mean to market?” asked Rose.

“Marketing means finding ways to tell people about your business so that it can grow,” her dad replied.

“For example, businesses market through TV commercials, billboards, magazines, and the internet,” her dad continued.

Rose thought about all of the marketing she saw everyday.

“I do like drawing. Could I make a flyer showing me watering flowers and give it to the neighbors?” asked Rose.

“Yes, that is a great idea Rose! Put our phone number on it too so they can contact us,” her dad said.

Rose drops off flyers

The next week, Rose and her dad put her flyers on their neighbors’ doorsteps.

Soon their phone was ringing and Rose successfully grew her business.

Rose bought a bigger watering can

With the money she earned, Rose bought a bigger watering can to keep up with the demand.

Eventually, her street had the best flowers in town.

If Rose became a young entrepreneur, so can you!