Day 5

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What was the name of the boy from yesterday?

What country is he from?

Complete this word ( V A L _ E )

Build Instructions

On the next slide, you will create your first business idea. 

Write down your industry, whether you are selling a product or service, your values, and a one sentence description of the idea. 

Dwight would write down the information below for his business idea.

Industry: Mentorship

Product / Service: Service

Values: In-Person, Flexibility

Description: My business idea is to provide mentoring to startups.

Business Builder


What industry do you want to start a business in?


Does your business sell a product or service?


Add value to your business idea.


What is your business idea?


Pitch Instructions

Present your business idea to the class. 

Write down questions to ask your classmates.

Remember to be respectful during each pitch. 

Day 5 Homework 

(Complete your homework assignment on paper)

Help a family member or friend create their own business idea.

Write down their industry, product/service, values, and business idea.