Day 7

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What was the name of the boy from yesterday?

What country is he from?

Complete this word ( T A R _ E _ ) ( M _ R _ E T )

How can you reach your target market?

How does a target market learn about a product or service?

When a new business opens, the target market doesn’t know the business exists.

You need to MARKET, also known as ADVERTISE, to your target market. Marketing uses many strategies to make your target market aware of your product or service.

– TV Commercials

– Social Media

– Internet advertisements

Every business does not market the same way. Some types of marketing are more beneficial to specific businesses. 

For example, a gas station near the highway would benefit from marketing on a billboard close to that highway, compared to placing an advertisement in a magazine or on a TV commercial.



How does a target market learn about a product or service?

Can you provide me the ways that popular businesses market?

Build Instructions

On the next slide, you will create the marketing strategy of your business idea. 

Write down all the strategies that you will use for marketing your business such as social media, flyers, or business cards. Explain in detail how you will implement these strategies.

For example, Dwight would write down the information below for his marketing strategy.


  • Direct messaging and paid advertisements on social media platforms.
  • Attend Meetup entrepreneurship events and hand out business cards.

Target Market: 

  • Age: Young Adults, Adults
  • Location: Orange County, California
  • Interests: Entrepreneurship; Technology; Innovation; Stock Market
  • Lifestyle: Ambitious individuals who have a busy schedule which revolves around activities/tasks for their business. They take limited vacation time and frequently attend networking events.

Industry: Mentorship

Product / Service: Service

Values: In-Person, Flexibility

Description: My business idea is to provide mentoring to startups.

Please have your child write down all their answers on paper.

The purpose of this builder is to be a guide to their idea.

Business Builder


How will you market your business?


Provide details on how you will use the strategies you selected.

Pitch Instructions

Present your marketing to the class. 

Write down questions to ask your classmates.

Remember to be respectful during each pitch. 

Every business markets the same way. (True or False)


What are ways you can market your product or service? (Multiple correct answers)

Social Media, Banners, Mail, Billboards

Billboards are a great way for a gas station to market. (True or False)


Parent testimonials would be great for a school to market. (True or False)


Radio is a great way to market a concert. (True or False) 


Grocery markets should NOT market by sending mail advertisements to local homes. 


Retail stores should NOT market by putting their business name on the outside of checkout bags. (True or False)


Coupons are a great way for a theme park to market. 


Day 7 Homework 

(Complete your homework assignment on paper)

How does your favorite business market to customers?

In a few sentences, explain what kind of marketing you find most successful and how this kind of marketing gets your attention.