How to start a kid tutoring business


Transcript from video:

Tutoring it’s a great business for kids. You can do it right after you get home from school when the other kids are doing their homework and you can pick the topics that you like the most. Do you really like science? A lot of kids hate that or if you like history or if you like math find a subject that you like and you can teach kids in your grade. Possibly even a higher grade but definitely kids in a younger grade. If you have a B or a higher, you can definitely help somebody that just doesn’t get it or they really don’t like it.

So there are different ways that you can market. You can talk to the kids. You can talk to the big brothers or sisters. You can talk to your friends and say man do you have a little brother or sister that doesn’t like math or doesn’t like science or whatever that subject you think you’re good at and you enjoy well. I do some tutoring or I’m getting ready to start doing some tutoring on the side. I’m looking for some kids to help and then if you’re putting yourself out there that you want to help. That’s a great opportunity for someone to go oh my little sister’s having a real hard time with math she just brought home another bad grade.