How to start a tutoring business as a kid

Tutoring is a great business idea for kids. You can do it right after you get home from school when the other kids are doing their homework and you can tutor the topics that you like the most. Do you really like science? A lot of kids find science difficult which is a perfect subject for you to provide assistance. Other subjects that you might excel in that others find difficult include history and math. However if you have good grades in other subjects like art, english, or even kid entrepreneurship, you can probably find another student at your school that would greatly benefit from your help.

So there are different ways that you can market your tutoring business. You can talk to the students in your classroom or at lunch. You can talk to your friends’ brothers and sisters. You could say something like “Do you have a little brother or sister that doesn’t like math or doesn’t like science. I’m getting ready to start doing some tutoring on the side. I’m looking for some kids to help if you know someone who would be interested.”

Another great part about starting a kid tutoring business is that it requires minimal expenses. The student you are tutoring will already have a textbook or laptop that you will need to review during the session. You only need to bring a pen and some paper to write on.

If you are unable to drive to the student’s residence, you can always conduct a video conference or phone call. This means you could even tutor students in different countries like India or South Africa. You can start a global business as a kid!

You could even create a Youtube channel where you pre-record your tutoring sessions. Students can then watch your videos over again if they forget a concept the next day. Another option is providing webinars or placing your tutoring videos on a educational website like Udemy. An educational website can lead potential customers to you from all over the world. Simply place an advertisment video at the end that tells users to email you if they need additional help in a subject like math, english, or science. 

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tutoring business for kids
tutoring business for kids