Top 8 Summer Business Ideas for Kids

Summer is a great time for kids to start a business. They do not need to worry about homework which provides them more time to build a business. When a kid starts their first business, the main focus shouldn’t be on making a large sum of money but instead introducing them to the basics of business, getting them excited during the creation process, and improving their communication skills. Although these are a list of limited ideas, encourages kids to create ideas that are related to their passions such as sports, dancing, craft building, or video games.

Top 8 Summer Business Ideas for Kids

8. If you live on the beach, sell daily parking on your property!

7. Detail your neighbors’ cars!

6. Clean golf clubs in your neighborhood!

5. Make summer beach bags for moms!

4. Build skateboard ramps!

3. Make custom structures for fish tanks!

2. If you live by the beach, water off visitors’ sandy feet!

1. Make games for car trips!

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